Why Choose Core?

We understand you have a broad range of options when you shop for your studio & street apparel. So why should you choose Core Studio Apparel?

Leading with Quality

We focus on the finest quality materials and fabrics to ensure you get the best possible look & feel.

Boutique is Beautiful

We are a small boutique brand offering great new fabrics & designs. Being small and boutique offers us the ability to adapt and enhance our range based on your feedback.

Complimenting with the 'Core Capsule'

The 'core capsule' is your essential "go to" studio, street and travel apparel. This is designed to compliment your other apparel investments.


We believe you don't need to pay more than you need to for exceptional quality

Ethical Manufacturing

Whilst we look to work with more domestic suppliers, we ensure we leverage only the best, ethically run, family businesses overseas.

A Fresh Look & Approach

We have conducted extensive research to see where studio apparel can improve. Just one example of this: we have extended the length of our tanks to ensure everything stays in place whilst your workout.