the core studio apparel brand

Quality, Style, Versatility & Value.

Core Studio Apparel was created to provide gym, studio and street wear with a specific purpose in mind.

Quality of fabric is essential

We’ve worked with fabric technicians and experts to create a soft, comfortable material with a slight yet flattering sheen. The fabric is moisture wicking and feels like a second skin without being a shiny disaster that catches parts of your body you’d rather not highlight. It’s a blend that looks great on all shapes and sizes.

Completely versatile Range

It's apparel that is suitable throughout the day – from the studio or gym, to your home office, the school run, shopping or whilst traveling. Exercise isn't essential to wear our apparel, however the range offers pieces suitable for a variety of workouts.

Value is critical to our approach

As we looked around at our competition, one thing became very clear, quality & style, comes at a price. With that in mind, our range offers significant value and exceptional, market leading quality.

True to our roots

You will notice from the names and descriptions of our apparel, there is an Australian theme. This stems from our founder, Kimberley's Australian heritage. Now based in the USA, her passion and ties to her country of origin is certainly stronger than ever.

We pride ourselves on using ethical manufacturing and sourcing locally whenever possible. Design and other services are all conducted in the USA.

Core Values

So from our initial challenge, to create a line of stylish, active apparel that performs under pressure in the gym, studio or on the go. Focusing on the 'core' basics of functional design, technical fabrics and ethical manufacturing, we have created a range that encourages and motivates you to 'strengthen your style'. We believe we have done just that!