Raising The Bar Boston
Our Bar Method success stories mostly highlight the physical transformation a client or staff member has enjoyed. However we often hear of how The Bar Method has positively impacted someone’s personal life and this success story is an awesome example of just that. Our loyal and lovely client of almost 4 years, Kimberley Paddon, was inspired to launch her own fitness apparel line as a result of what she calls her “Bar Method obsession”. This sassy and stylish Sydney-bred, Hingham-based wife and mother of two found herself admiring the attire of other clients while taking Bar Method classes.
While she loved the styles she saw it seemed that almost everyone in the studio was rocking the same logo, giving her the idea to launch a line of her own. Several years later the dream has become a reality and Kimberley is proud to introduce Core Studio Apparel. Learn more about her journey from barre babe to business owner in the profile below and then check out her trunk show at our Hingham studio this Tuesday, June 6th from 8:15am to 10:45am. Kimberley will also host events at our Boston studios in the near future and we’ll carry her line at all 3 studios. Congratulations, Kimberley, and happy shopping to all!
You know we’re thrilled that The Bar Method inspired your creative venture. Tell us how this business came to be. I’ve been taking class at The Bar Method Hingham for about 4 years now and always loved what the other clients were wearing. I found myself looking around the room and wondering how each piece was made. Every class I took, I came home with more design ideas. Eventually all the musing prompted me to research starting a line of my own. So I did!Voilà! Core Studio Apparel was born! Describe your line. Core is designed to be worn throughout all phases of the day – from the studio to your home office to the school run and beyond. Our pieces are simple, classic and excellent quality. We pride ourselves on using ethical manufacturing and sourcing locally whenever possible.
You make it sound easy but we know this has been a labor of love. Indeed! I’ve never done anything like this before, aside from the traveling and shopping, of course! Countless hours have since been spent researching how to design fitness apparel. I’ve learned the importance of waistband depth, panel placement, racer-back width and so much more. I’ve sampled hundreds of pieces and used trial and error to guide our design decisions. It was important to me that we use a different fabric than is utilized in mainstream lines. It’s challenging because if you blend slightly more lycra than spandex or more polyester than lycra, the fabric feels completely different. We’ve worked with our fabric technicians to create a soft, comfortable material with a slight yet flattering sheen. The fabric is moisture-wicking and feels like a second skin without being a shiny disaster that catches parts of your body you’d rather not highlight. It’s a blend that looks great on all shapes and sizes.
Core was inspired by barre but also offers pieces suitable for a variety of workouts. Tell us about the line’s range. We have lighter tanks that our clients like to run in and cropped, higher cut pants that are perfect for spinning. Our figure hugging tanks and stirrups with floor gripping silicone dots are designed with barre or yoga in mind. Barre class was the line’s inspiration but my hope is that this collection is one our clients wear throughout the day.
How did you conceptualize Core’s studio to street appeal? I was never one to walk around in yoga pants. Years ago I would get ready to workout and then come home to shower, blow dry my hair, apply make-up and change into a new outfit. I was getting ready twice in one day. As the athleisure movement took shape, I liked the way the styles looked but wanted pieces made from higher quality fabrics. Core allows you to feel comfortable and cozy but also dressed for the day. Already planned for fall are puffer jackets and cashmere pieces to layer onto tanks and leggings. We’ll also debut beanies and infinity scarves. I want this collection to start and end your day while helping you feel warm and stylish throughout.
What a cool process this has been! We can’t wait to rock your new line. On the more personal side, have you always imagined owning your own business? Definitely. I was a flight attendant for 12 years when my husband and I lived in London. Thereafter we moved to Sydney, I had my children and was no longer working full-time. We arrived in Hingham 6 years ago and I knew I wanted a career I could enjoy but also hoped to learn something new rather than go back to the airline industry. I wanted to learn how to run a business and teach my kids about it in the process. It’s important to me they know you can run with an idea, potentially have setbacks but ultimately take those lessons to help you grow and move forward.
My 15-year old son has definitely been interested in the process and hopefully, if all goes well, he can carry Core on in the future. My husband has no interest in barre aside from appreciating the look of women in yoga pants but he, too, has been such a great help. He runs the financial side of the business for me and comes up with many ideas. Not all of them are fashionable but he’s so enthusiastic about the business. While I was ready to laugh off the idea of starting Core he strongly encouraged me to follow through with it from day one. Also my young daughter wants to be a model so there’s really a spot for everyone in this family business!
Your Bar Method family is equally proud of you! Thank you! We’ve had so much community support. It truly makes me feel at home. In that spirit, Core will also carry a line especially for Hingham. I’d noticed at the high school and middle school students were all wearing black leggings but none specific to the town. The kids love their school colors so it seemed a natural gap we could fill. We’re incorporating the Hingham High School logo into our designs but will offer sizes small enough for even 8 year olds. We plan to sell those pieces at homecoming and provide a donation to the Hingham Sports Partnership. We’ll also take orders in the summer so they arrive prior to the start of school.
What a great idea! Will Sydney be jealous of all the love you’re giving to Hingham? Maybe not! I’ve named all of my pieces after my favorite places in Australia. I’ll never lose that connection.
Sounds good, mate. We’ll be first in line to check out the new collection at your trunk show next week.
Join us at our Hingham studio for class and shopping on Tuesday, June 6th between 8:15am and 10:45am. New to The Bar Method or haven’t been to class in over a year? You can take class for free that day! Just be sure to call the studio or sign-up online to reserve your space.
Check out Kimberley’s website here / follow her on Instagram here / follow her on Facebook here. Sign up for Bar Method classes here. Core Studio Apparel images courtesy of Hingham photographer Susanne Malloy.